Arkham Verse Confessions
A message from the runner of this blog…

Hello all!

I would first like to thank all of you for following the blog, it means a lot, and I’m glad that I’ve created a blog that people are actually interested in.

On another note I would like to say these things….

I am an art student at an art school, and this is the week of finals, hence why I haven’t been about making confession graphics. There is one in my messages that I need to make, but other than that my submissions box is empty.

This week I have all of my final classes for the quarter and then I am heading home for the holidays where I will have infinitely more time to work on things.

In the mean time I would like to encourage you to think up more submissions and submit them. I will make them either this week or when I return home.

As always, I hope you guys are all well, and enjoying the lead up to the holidays.


So far we’ve had one confession…

I would like to encourage people to submit more confessions. So that we can get more up and such.

Also thank you to those that are following the blog, I really appropriate it. :D

Welcome all those that love Arkham Asylum, and Arkham City…

Please don’t feel shy. Feel free to ask questions or submit submissions. I will need some submissions to get the ball rolling, so don’t be shy. :)

For submissions feel free to submit text, as I will make it into a graphic, but you’ve already made a submission graphic I will be happy to post it.